Humble Beginnings

  The musicians in Impulse Control met during their formative college years at Southern Oregon University, rubbing shoulders at open mics and house shows. They came together in 2015 after finding their mutual love for performing, and each came with their own musical interests, which made Impulse Control's sound a unique confluence of rock, punk, and power pop. photo credit: Ali Mendiola

photo by Aubry Hollingshead

Max Malcomb

Max Malcomb's drumming career started early in high school and became prolific once moving to the music-rich Rogue Valley. He's played for The Suaves, The Blue Light, Frankie Hernandez, Derek Deon, Good Job Honey, and plenty of other projects. He continues to expand his genre-bending in Impulse Control, bringing techniques from hip hop to metal into the recording studio. photo credit: Aubry Hollingshead

photo by Aubry Hollingshead

John Johns

If John Johns isn't playing in a least three different projects at one time, he's probably dead. A classically trained guitarist, Johns has lended his immense talents as a guitarist, bassist, and drummer in such bands as The Bouray, Derek Deon, Hubble, and a Talking Heads cover band. His knack for writing complex parts can be heard all over Impulse Control's music. photo credit: Aubry Hollingshead

photo by Aubry Hollingshead

Tim Duryea

 Tim's habit of writing songs in the dorm halls of SOU caught drummer Max Malcomb's attention back in 2010, and they formed a comedic musical duo called The Hawaiinos. And after playing bass for local acts like The Suaves, Frankie Hernandez and Elias Default, Tim put his songwriting first and started Impulse Control: a band focused on filling the rock void in Southern Oregon.  photo credit: Aubry Hollingshead


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